Avrupa Nöropsikoloji Toplulukları Bilimsel Toplantısı VI – FESN 2017

Avrupa Nöropsikoloji Toplulukları Bilimsel Toplantısı VI – FESN 2017

Avrupa Nöropsikoloji Toplulukları 6. Bilimsel Toplantısı, Hollanda Nöropsikoloji Derneklerinin organizasyonuyla 13-15 Eylül 2017 tarihleri arasında Hollanda’nın Maastricht şehrinde düzenlenecektir.

Son özet gönderim tarihi 1 Mart 2017.

Toplantı Resmi Web Sayfası: www.fesn2017.nl



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To the boards of the European neuropsychological societies


Dear colleagues,

As you probably know, the Dutch, Flemish and Francophone neuropsychological societies are jointly organising the 6th Scientific Meeting of the Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology. The meeting will be held from 13 till 15 September 2017 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. See www.fesn2017.nl

We have two requests to you as board members of your national society.

First, we kindly invite you to broadly inform your membership about this meeting.
Abstracts may be submitted from early December until March 1, 2017 at www.fesn2017.nl

Second, we would like you to stimulate the best researchers in your country to take part in the conference. More in particular, we would greatly appreciate if your top-researchers would organise a symposium on their work, together with other (European) authorities in the same field. This would not be a showpiece for your national society and for the high quality of neuropsychological research in your country. It would also guarantee success of the conference. Deadline for submissions is 1th March 2017 (at www.fesn2017.nl ).

We count on your collaboration!

Best regards,

Ben Schmand, president of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie


On behalf of

Fabienne Collette, president of the Société de Neuropsychologie de Langue Française

Christophe Lafosse, president of the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Neuropsychologie and president of the Vlaamse Vereniging voor Klinische Psychologie, Divisie Neuropsychologie and the local organising committee.